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background image of thin plant stems in sun


closeup of the belt buckle of a printed silk dress

timeless design & quality craftsmanship

We harness the power of classic silhouettes as a profound sustainability effort. By crafting garments that transcend fleeting trends, we are championing a movement that challenges the wasteful cycle of fast fashion. Each Eukari piece is a statement against the disposable nature of modern clothing trends. Our goal is to prolong the lifespan of our creations and encourage a more thoughtful approach to consumption.

grapes positioned next to a hand, with a green dress in the background

eco-friendly materials

Whether created from synthetic materials or nature's offerings, we ensure that every garment is a testament to style, practicality and ecological responsibility.

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The Brooklyn Bridge towering over brick buildings in Williamsburg

local production

Crafting garments in Brooklyn isn't just a location; it's a sustainable ethos. Our choice to produce locally reflects our commitment to environmental responsibility and community support. By keeping some of our production close to home, we reduce carbon emissions associated with transportation and foster a direct connection with skilled artisans.

eukari packaging mockup

packaging reimagined

We reduce waste through thoughtful packaging designs using compostable or recyclable materials. In addition, we aim to achieve 100% multi-functional packaging by 2025. With an innovative twist, a delivery box becomes a storage solution. Our packages will no longer be disposable and instead transform into useful items, sparking creativity while reducing environmental impact.