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central park of new york

our values

elegant and relaxed

Summer looks towards the camera, wearing eukari's Printed Silk Dress

Summer Wang

Elegance Curator

A maestro of luxury bespoke production, Summer's education in London and Paris sculpted her commitment to elegance, and now she's on a mission to infuse eukari with this timeless attribute. Summer believes that grace should follow a woman everywhere — be it home, office, or a dinner soirée.

Chu looks towards the camera

Chu Chu

Comfort Advocate

Chu's background in corporate law led her through arduous office hours, sparking her quest to create comfortable workwear. Her belief is clear: when women look good and feel good, confidence blooms.

a model walking on the lawn in a beige puff sleeve dress

elegant & relaxed

Together, Chu and Summer unite their distinct backgrounds and visions. Their common purpose? Crafting elegant yet relaxed pieces that effortlessly serve their functions. The duo is driven by a shared desire to empower women to embody confidence and authenticity, transcending settings and situations.

a dark green reusable bag featuring the eukari pattern


Chu and Summer envision a brand that not only enhances the elegance and comfort of professional women's work lives but also leaves a positive footprint on the planet.

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